Value proposition


Asset Manager: unleash the potential of your data

Asset Manager is a cloud-based ‘control room’ that connects and monitors all of your [XRF] instruments, giving you a clear picture of both the health of your instruments and the quality of your measurements, wherever you are in the world.

Asset Manager brings everything together in one simple web-based dashboard, accessible instantly by whoever you need: from site managers to remote service engineers to your partners.

Asset Manager is also continually analyzing your data – monitoring many instrument variables and flagging anomalies in real time. It’s like having a new trusted member of your team who’s completely dedicated to getting the most out of your instruments.

This combination of connection, access and smart monitoring unleashes the potential of your data – giving you better information and deeper insights, so you can get the most out of your equipment, your process productivity, and your teams.

Unleashing the potential your data means you can:

Understand more deeply the full picture of how everything is running;
Optimize to get the most out of your instruments and process productivity; and
Predict potential issues and proactively prevent issues before they occur.


This is the introduction to the value proposition for our Asset Manager software. (There’s also a second section that breaks down the main uses in more detail.) It was written with our tone of voice in mind right from the start.

Big picture
The heart of the proposition are two ideas that bring to life the benefits of the software in a strong and memorable way: that Asset Manager unleashes the potential of your data, and that it’s like having a trusted new member of your team.

Write like we speak
The whole proposition is written in clear, everyday language and avoids jargon or corporate-speak.

Add energy
Although there are no short sentences, the value proposition uses the power of rhythm in several places to add energy. Eg: ‘from site managers to remote service engineers to your Malvern Panalytical partners’.

Easy to skim
The idea of ‘unleashing the potential of your data’ is easily skimmable as understand, optimize and predict.