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Our Knowledge Center below offers free 24 x 7 access to our extensive library of instrument and application information. It provides a fast and convenient option for all your support needs.

Alternatively, contact our global support team by phone or email through the Contact Us links.

We can also provide multiple levels of support contracts - go to your products’ support page to see the contract options available. With premium support contracts we offer priority fast track options whereby entering your instrument serial number will gain priority email responses.


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Calibrate your instruments. Troubleshoot a problem. Find out what that button really does. We have answers.

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It’s our huge freely available library of manuals, instrument and application information.

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What's changed

  • Write like we speak
    We’ve changed the big headline to what you’d actually say in real life. And we’ve gotten rid of formal words (alternatively, your support needs) for everyday ones (we have answers).
  • Add energy
    Note how the short three opening sentences give the new version a lot more uumph.
  • Small surprises
    Making a real life observation (‘find out what that button really does’) adds a flash of humor.
  • Easy to skim
    We’ve added in a few sub-headings that make it easy to find the information you’re looking for.