Internal update


Academia-friendly web pages

One of the elements of marketing campaigns is to drive traffic to our website and to encourage people to register on our website. A registration (in comparison with a ‘look’) indicates a more serious interest in our products and services and is something we are keen to capture.

Web pages are designed to answer a user requirement or question and to provide a snippet of information that will encourage a user to interact with us further. We have compiled User Requirements for academia web pages from various Voice of the Customer (VoC) surveys that have been conducted recently. We have identified some significant user questions that are unique to academic users. We are working towards addressing those for an academia-specific part of our web site and are currently busy writing landing pages.


Academics told us what they want. What they really, really want.

When people visit our site, we ideally want them to register. But Academics don’t sign up as much as other visitors.

Recent ‘Voice of the Customer’ surveys have given us a much clearer idea of what Academics are looking for. (Basically – they want insights into research trends.)

So we’re creating a new Academia-specific area for the site. The new pages should be up by July.

What's changed

  • Small surprises
    Throwing in a pop culture reference just adds a touch of humor (but it makes sense even if you don’t get the reference).
  • Big picture / say what’s important
    Instead of over-explaining ‘how marketing works’ we’ve got straight to the point (Academics don’t sign up as much as other visitors).
  • Write like we speak
    We’ve ditched formal, stuffy words and phrases (user requirements, interact with us further, compiled, addressing) for simpler, more straightforward ones (but, basically, so).