Big ideas for a better world

Explained clearly, confidently and with a few small surprises

  1. Big ideas for a better world
    Bring to life what our instruments and solutions enable our customers to do, vividly and memorably.
  2. Explained clearly, confidently and credibly
    Focus on what’s most important, not on trying to say everything. And write in a direct, active, human voice – more like we naturally speak.
  3. …and with a few small surprises
    It’s more memorable – and more enjoyable – if there’s an occasional unexpected moment: something to catch our reader’s eye and raise a smile.

What does that look like?

Less like this …

Research & Development

R&D plays a major role in the continuous improvement of new and highly innovative technologies across all our market segments1. Our Research & Development department is responsible for creating new products and maintaining and improving existing products2. Bringing new and innovative products to the market in a fast and robust way, should keep Malvern Panalytical one step ahead of the competition3.

  1. Dry, corporate language.
  2. Focusses on processes.
  3. About us, not our customers.

… and more like this

Make a big difference1

From forensics to nanotechnology, our scientific instruments help the world’s top researchers do ground breaking work2 on the small things that make big things possible.

And much of our innovation starts in the labs and imaginations of our R&D team3. So we are always looking for people who can keep us at the top of our game4.

  1. Inspiring and energetic.
  2. Outward-looking: about the world and our customers.
  3. Shows how people are important ("I can see myself working there").
  4. Natural, speech-like language.

Using this guide

Over the next few pages, we’ll break down the specific practical techniques that will help you do this yourself. But first, skim the ‘before and after’ section to see more examples.