Overview of our events and training


Events and training

Malvern Panalytical offers a comprehensive range of live events including webinars and seminars, user meetings, recorded events including presentations and videos, and onlineand classroom-based user training courses. As an acknowledged global market leader in material characterization instrumentation, we recognize our responsibility to share our expertise and experience solving real-life challenges with our customer base.

We invite you to see why so many universities, industrial companies and government institutions use Malvern Panalytical events to educate their personnel in the application of technologies within the Malvern Panalytical portfolio of products.


Science moves faster when we share what we know.

Learn new stuff. Share knowledge. Geek out with others who are as deep into dynamic light scattering as you are.

If you need new ways to re-think big challenges, want to sharpen your technical skills, or join a community of experts, we’ll have a webinar, seminar or training course that’s just right.

You’ll be in good company. Thousands of universities, institutions and companies use our events to train their people, too.

What's changed

  • Big picture
    We’ve shifted the focus away from us (our comprehensive range of live events, etc.) to why it matters (learn/share/move faster).
  • Write like we speak
    We’ve used phrases like ‘new stuff’ and ‘you’ll be in good company’ instead of ‘educate their personnel’ or ‘invite you to see’.
  • Add energy
    We’ve opened with two super-short sentences, which instantly add energy.
  • Small surprises
    We’ve thrown in an unexpected ‘geek out’, which instantly grabs your attention because it’s a 'real life observation'.