Research & Development

R&D plays a major role in the continuous improvement of new and highly innovative technologies across all our market segments. Our Research & Development department is responsible for creating new products and maintaining and improving existing products. Bringing new and innovative products to the market in a fast and robust way, should keep Malvern Panalytical one step ahead of the competition.

To succeed in Malvern Panalytical’s R&D department, you will need to be curious, proactive and creative in thinking both inside and outside the box. You will also need a passion for technology and have the drive and eagerness for continuous improvement and innovation. Are you a passionate and driven about software, hardware, or mechanical engineering and do you want to be part of our Global R&D network? Check out our current R&D openings!


Make a big difference

From forensics to nanotechnology, our scientific instruments help the world’s top researchers do ground breaking work on the small things that make big things possible.

And much of our innovation starts in the labs, benches and brains of our R&D team. So we are always looking for people who can keep us at the top of our game.

We’re after enquiring minds, imaginative thinkers, and proud geeks. Those who are irresistibly drawn to hard problems others can’t crack. Those who are always thinking ‘what if …’ .

Scientists. Engineers. Programmers. Does that sound like you? Wherever you are in the world. Join us.

What's changed

  • Big picture / say what’s important
    Instead of talking about R&D in the broadest sense, we’ve started with a few real examples of what our customers use our instruments to do (from forensics to nanotechnology).
  • Write like we speak
    We’ve swapped the jargon (continuous improvement, innovative, market segments) and used simple, everyday words instead (labs, benches & brains).
  • Small surprises
    ‘Proud geeks’ is an unexpected moment that also feels true to our people and culture.
  • Add energy
    Notice how the super short sentences in the last paragraph (Scientists. Engineers.) adds punch.