Card - On-demand event card

<article class="mp c-card c-card--layout-multi c-card--size-small c-card--event c-card--inline-specs c-card--has-tag">
<span class="c-card__tag">Recorded webinar</span>
<div class="c-card__wrapper">
<div class="c-card__primary">
<header class="c-card__header u-flow--2xs">
<p class="c-card__meta">
<span class="mp c-twi c-twi--left" ><span>36:01</span>
<svg role="img" aria-hidden="true" focusable="false" class="mp c-icon c-icon--play">
<use xlink:href="/static/svg/sprite.svg#play"></use>
<span>Jun 2024</span>
<h2 class="c-h c-card__title"><a href="">Discover how on-line particle sizing optimises mining analytics.</a></h2>
<div class="c-card__content u-flow">
<div class="c-card__specs">
<dd>Morphologi G3-ID</dd>
<dd>Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy</dd>
"theme": {
"border": false,
"size": "small",
"layout": "multi",
"name": "event",
"inlineSpecs": true
"header": {
"title": "Discover how on-line particle sizing optimises mining analytics.",
"date": {
"date": "2024-06-12T18:11:51.388Z",
"duration": "36:01"
"meta": [
"body": {
"keySpecs": [
"title": "Products",
"term": "Morphologi G3-ID"
"title": "Technologies",
"term": "Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy"
"tag": "Recorded webinar"

CSS modifiers

Name Description
c-card--alt Petrol step 3 alternative background
c-card--featured Petrol background, white text
c-card--event Alt background with grey text
c-card--layout-[type] multi, single Left- or top-aligned image
c-card--size-[size] small, medium, large Title and gap size control
c-card--bordered Add a border to the card
c-card--no-height-match Prevent cards matching height with siblings
c-card--inline-specs Render specs inline, rather than wrapped


Name Type Description
theme object themeOptions
header object headerOptions
body object bodyOptions
footer object footerOptions
tag string Name of the tag
link string For cards without a CTA
shop object shopOptions
series series[]


Name Type Description
name string Name of the theme: alt, featured
border bool Does the card have a border
size string Size of the card (default: large)
layout string "multi" or "single"
inlineSpecs string Are the specifications inline or wrapped
noFullLink bool Is there a giant link covering the entire card?
noHeightMatch bool Should the card ignore height matching?
corner bool Does the card have a green corner


Name Type Description
title string
subtitle string
meta string[] Additional snippets of useful information
date object dateOptions


Name Type Description
date date Datetime of the instance
time string String-based time
timezone string String-based timezone
duration string Providing this will make it a 'past event'


Name Type Description
content html Prose-based content
keySpecs keySpecs[]


Name Type Description
title string
term string
terms string[]


Name Type Description
cta footerLink
buttons footerLink[]


Name Type Description
label string Label for the call to action
link string URL for the element
colour string Optional button style


Name Type Description
labels array key/value objects
small string Short shop description
productId string