The Mastersizer

The world’s most popular particle size analyzers

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The Mastersizer range sets the standard for laser diffraction particle analysis. They’re essential instruments in scientific research and quality control the world over, helping to create everything from better medicines to tastier foods to more sustainable soils.

Mastersizers are valued for being fast, accurate and incredibly versatile. They handle a wide range of wet and dry dispersions, incorporate industry-leading software that’s intuitive to use, and their compact, ergonomic design means they’re easy to use anywhere.

Superior speed. Peerless precision.

Class-leading particle sizing performance that generates the robust, reliable data you need

Flexible reporting: Data your way.

Display your data exactly as you want it, customizable directly to your needs

Intuitive software. Built-in expertise.

Mastersizer 3000 eases your analytical workload, enabling you to develop and run a variety of methods efficiently

Mastersizer 3000

Mastersizer 3000

Delivering the data you need for outcomes you can trust

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Mastersizer 3000E

Mastersizer 3000E

Entry level particle size analyzer

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Particle size range 0.01µm - 3500µm 0.1µm - 1000µm
Laser Diffraction
Dispersion type