Value of the Mastersizer 3000 for pharmaceutical development

In our previous blog, we looked at why particle size analysis is important in the pharmaceutical industry. Here, we will focus on why the Mastersizer 3000, in particular, is considered “an invaluable equipment for supporting drug development” and the “first choice platform for laser diffraction particle size analysis” by our customers.

The time and cost associated with pharmaceutical development can be significant, so any means by which this can be reduced is advantageous. Within formulation development, the need to characterize a variety of different samples with a wide range of properties is of importance, as is the need to establish robust and reliable methods which will be latterly rolled out downstream. The more reliable and robust the method, the smoother the transition from development to manufacturing, and the quicker the drug product can get to market.

The Mastersizer 3000 offers the following value to save both time and money:

Increased lab productivity

The Mastersizer 3000 is simple to use with little or no training, guiding the user through every stage of the measurement. Enjoy reliable, stress-free operations and easy, low-cost routine maintenance.

Versatility of measurement

Extensive range of accessories to meet all sample type and volume requirements, including a small volume disperser (6 mL) option for early-stage product development.

Improved data

In-built intelligence guides the user through method development, with a Data Quality tool providing expert advice and helpful feedback to the operator on possible ways to improve their measurement technique, and an optical properties optimizer tool to assist in establishing suitable analysis settings.

Expert support

Vast experience in providing support for method development, transfer and validation for those working in the pharmaceutical industry.

For more information, access our recent webinars on how to develop methods and analysis for the pharmaceutical industry:

In our final blog, we will consider the value the Mastersizer 3000 offers in manufacturing and quality control in pharmaceutical environments.

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