Version 0.1.0 Development

Use these foundation styles and components to design and build consistent and usable interfaces.

Also, review some example patterns and pages to see the components in practice.

About this system

In order to maintain the integrity of the system it's important we all understand how to use and contribute to this system to meet our needs.

A living resource

A system that will constantly evolve to meet our needs.

Centrally managed

It will be managed and maintained by a central Design System Team, who will be on hand for questions and feedback.

Reuse and follow

Always start by using/following what exists and then speaking to the Design System Team if there are additional requirements.

Contributing to the design system

In order to maintain a healthy system it's important we have a clear process for helping contributors decide when to create or modify a component, as well as tracking its progress and status via a single pattern backlog.

The following decision tree outlines this process.

Process flow diagram