Quick start

Version 1.0.2 Ready

When you're building a public-facing website it's important to follow our brand guidelines. With Franklin we've created a simple two-step process to help you stay on brand, accessible, and mobile friendly - no matter what technology you use under the hood.

The easy way

1: Copy these two lines of code into your web page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />

<script src=""></script>

2: Simply use the appropriate HTML and class attributes when building your site. For example, the c-button class will give you a perfect, on-brand button:

<a class="c-button c-button--inline" href="#">Click me</a>

Click me

We have guidelines for layout, typography, spacing, and a list of utility classes to help you build the perfect design. And for larger page elements, we have a library of ready-made components.

You can find full details on our installation page.

The hard way

If you're unable to comply with the two steps above, you'll need to style your website to match Franklin as closely as possible. Please see Requirements for complete details.