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Hydro SV

Small volume wet sample dispersion

The Hydro SV is a simple, cost effective liquid dispersion unit designed to enable particle size analysis using small volumes of sample and dispersant.

Hydro SV
Blog post
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The future is 3D

Materials characterisation will help ‘additive manufacturing’ change how we make things forever.

Morphologi G3-ID
Morphologically-Directed Raman Spectroscopy
The future is 3D
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Scirocco 2000 Consumable Kit

Kit includes: Flow Diffusing Sphere Stainless Steel for DPFs, Sample Tubing 300mm Long 5/16" i/d x ½" o/d, Scirocco 2000 Set of Spare Fuses, Packet of Lens Tissues, Fine Sieve Basket Assembly 0.8mm small mesh, Coarse Sieve Basket Assembly 1.6mm large mesh, Quality Audit Standard Pack of Ten 2.5g Bottles, 1/2in wide paint brush.

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Compatible with:
Mastersizer 3000
Mastersizer 3000E

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