The basics of our digital brand

Version 0.0.0 Development


  • Our font is Inter.
  • Text is colored MP Charcoal (#333333).
  • 18px font size.
  • We write in American English using sentence case.


Primary button Secondary button Tertiary button

  • Primary buttons are always colored MP Green (#13AA13). Please use this color sparingly, for the most important elements on the page.
  • Secondary buttons may be colored MP Blue (#00A2C2), or outlined.
  • The font is Inter Bold, 18px.
  • 6px border-radius.
  • Padding is 0.777em (horizontal) and 1.5em (vertical).


  • Use a plain white background, with a splash of color to emphasise important elements.
  • Reduce visual clutter by using space to separate items, rather than lines or boxes. Don't be afraid of white space!
  • Text is most comfortable to read when it's between 50-75 characters wide. This translates to 30-50 em.

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